Some Reflection as an Arts Educator

This is an opinion piece that I have just written for an upcoming Music Education NZ Aotearoa magazine.  It was an opportunity to share some initial reflection on our current educational context in lockdown here in New Zealand due to the Covid 19 pandemic.  It considers ways we might approach home based learning at this time and how important it is to stay focused on the key principles and values of what we know to be effective, research based, arts education.

Rata's Waka by Emily Cater

Kete Aronui Orff

An example of an Orff inspired music curriculum developed for a New Zealand primary school 

the orff approach in aotearoa
New Zealand

Tūi - Parson Bird by Emily Cater

Adapting the Orff Approach to the new zealand context

About Me

Pūriri Moth by Emily Cater




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